tales of the activated

chapter 2

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Chapter 2 is now available HERE

This will not be a regular occurrence. This is so there will be more of the initial story to read in the onset. Thusly Chapter 3 will appear on Friday.

Thank you for the kind words about the first chapter. I hope you all continue to like it.

New readers: everything starts here

Oh, and since I promised to do this, here are the updates for the collective:

Memory of AUSOS – Chapter 3 part 2 Verbal sparring! Secrets rearing ugly heads!
Tales of the Big Bad Wolf – Chapter 5 part B Also verbal sparring! But of the dignified formal kind. ^^v
Suzy’s Box – July 2 Proactiv is plugged and Suzy is bored!


Author: EK

Crazy writer, bookworm, anime fan, and a few other things.

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