tales of the activated

chapter 4


Wherein much redhaired angst and mushroom soup is had, over here.

Soji by the way speaks Google Translate Italian, not that the author actually knows any Italian beyond names for pasta and pizza, so please forgive any mistakes. This is merely to emphasize that his language is not Pendika, English in this case.

New readers start here.

Collective updates:

Tales of the Big Bad Wolf – Chapter 5 part C Elanore chats with Edmund and some vague explanations are made.
Suzy’s Box – July 4 Suzy enjoys the 4th of July but has boy problems.
Memory of AUSOS – Episode 4 part 2 More Doll-related mysteries are revealed, Big Boom happens, a short break is announced along with some plugging for this humble story, thanks!


Author: EK

Crazy writer, bookworm, anime fan, and a few other things.

5 thoughts on “chapter 4

  1. Is there a time delay on the posting? For some reason I can’t click through *clickclick*

  2. There is some delay, but I tried my best to fix it to ‘published’ status. Please try again (while I’m still here to check).

    I guess this just means I shouldn’t be using the ‘scheduled’ option. ^^;;

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