tales of the activated

chapter 5

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Yes, I know it’s earlier than the schedule I gave. But I think I’ll be sticking to this new schedule, which is easier on my sanity: Thursday evening around 11pm RP/SG/HK (Thursday morning 11am US EST).

The new chapter is over here.

New readers start here.

Collective roundup:

SgL (Tales of the Big Bad Wolf) interviews TE Waters (Memory of AUSOS) and they talk robots.

Suzy tweets about life on Suzy’s Journal. Go follow!

Tales of the Big Bad Wolf – Chapter 6 part A Hunter backstory abounds, and poor Edmund gets more and more confused.
Memory of AUSOS – Episode 4.5 She’s still on break but gives us a somewhat different POV into current events.
Suzy’s Box – July 5 Suzy introduces her big brother.


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