tales of the activated

chapter 10

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Real life is still a bit anxiety-inducing (as mentioned, one-half of last week’s terrible events are personally relevant), but is better than most. My family is grateful.

New chapter is here

Everything starts here

I’m beginning to panic. Activated is roughly halfway through now, and Harmonics is nowhere near ready for presentation when Activated is done.

By the way, to your right you will find links to mirror versions of Activated at Wattpad and Pandamian. Wattpad allows for mobile/iPhone reading, Pandamian has a full-screen option and allows for mobi and pdf downloading, both allow commenting if you are so inclined. At the moment both places have one to two chapters only. This will be corrected slowly.

Collective rundown:

Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: Chapter 7 part E
Unicorns Among Us: Part 3 (conclusion)
Suzy’s Box for some reason has Clint Eastwood on July 10
Memory of AUSOS: Episode 7 part 1


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