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$2.50 for Japan from me?


I’m not sure how appropriate this will be, but besides personal contribution to a particular donation bank account (which I’ll do by tomorrow), this is one of the few ways I know to help post-earthquake/tsunami Japan.

Two years ago I helped in Ruin and Resolve, a charity anthology to help raise funds after Ondoy (Typhoon Ketsana). Proceeds are forwarded to the Philippine branch of the Red Cross from there.

My pieces for it are “Firestorm” (an Activated backstory) and “Haya and Me” (a Jumper Cable backstory).

The anthology is still up on Smashwords for $2.50. The Philippine branch of the Red Cross will be helping out for Japan relief, so your $2.50 will still go to a good cause.

As an added incentive, the charity anthology is a good representation of local talent in speculative and genre fiction, it will be a good introduction to several authors I really look up to (some I consider my friends).

So please, go to Smashwords, put down $2.50, and help a good cause, okay?

Table of contents for Ruin and Resolve

Smashwords direct link


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