tales of the activated

chapter 15: in dreams 1

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“In Dreams” is a backstory separate from this core Activated story you’ve been reading, but it’s a bit too important to the whole to give it to you separate from the core story (similar to SgL’s Unicorns Walk Among Us). Once you start reading through it you’ll understand what I mean. This also has several of K’s art (colored, B&W, even comics-style) which will be included where relevant.

This miniseries will run for four weeks (possibly bi-weekly) and will count as the chapter 15.

In Dreams starts here
Chapter 14 is here
Everything starts here

Collective updates:

Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: Chapter 8 Part B and Conclusion where a fight and an aftermath happens
Suzy’s Box: July 14 Suzy plays the alphabet game
Memory of AUSOS is on hold this week due to illness


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