tales of the activated

chapter 21 (final) and thank you

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Activated ends here. Thank you very much for putting up with the 3000+-word-long chapters and enduring Lan’s sad phases reading through the story. I hope you liked it.

If you haven’t gone through the whole story, the chapters are archived here, just start where you left off.

If you want to show your appreciation to K for all the awesome art scattered in the chapters (particularly in In Dreams), the easiest way to do it is to leave a comment at her Tumblr ‘ask’ page, over here.

I’m the first one relieved to have finished uploading something for more than 13 weeks straight (posting for Racconti di Arcobaleno needed only 13 weeks straight at a time, besides some preliminary information-mounting a little before that).

It all ends here.

If you haven’t read it all, start here.

Don’t go very far, though. You may have noticed me sniffling/whining about another story. That will be given here within one or two weeks from now, serially as well. That is predicted to run until the end of the year. K is still on board about that story, but as is her way will be giving out art if and when the inspiration strikes and workload allows.

Collective updates:

Tales of the Big Bad Wolf – chapter 11 part B where Max and his servant muse about potential rivals in love
Suzy’s Box – July 25 where Suzy still has problems making new friends
Memory of AUSOS – is showing some of SgL’s art doodles for the series


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