tales of the activated

harmonics 6 and temporary hiatus

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First of all, another new character appears, and the new chapter is here.

It all starts here

Secondly…..I do not have a backlog for this story; I have been reading far too many one-shot manga stories for my good, such that so many characters have passed through my brain. Furthermore, Corespasa has taken over my brain for the moment (that is, a short story involving Lan’s master is getting written, possibly for an attempt at publication). So I shall beg your indulgence and inform of a 1-2 week hiatus.

This by the way, leads to my concession of defeat regarding the Clarion write-a-thon. Nonetheless, PLEASE take your time to donate a dollar or five or ten to their cause, because many awesome writers deserve that workshop.

It remains to be seen if I’ll try to force myself to attempt Camp Nanowrimo (Nano in two batches, July and August), or just keep on with this 500 words/day thing I started. I think I’ll stick with the second option.

Collective updates:

Tales of the Big Bad Wolf – Chapter 13 part D where Wolfy and Red argue about a woodsman
Suzy’s Box – August 1 where a water fight happens


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