tales of the activated

Activated is WFG-listed; Harmonics 7

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First announcement: Activated is now listed at WebFiction Guide! I hope you like it enough to share. Reviews of both kinds will be helpful.

Activated starts here.

Site navigation for both Activated and Harmonics has also been improved, now with links on top and below each chapter.

Second announcement: The short story I mentioned is hopefully now in second phase (editing, fixing, etc.), so I can now get back to this longer story. Old characters are back. I hope you like.

Chapter 7 is over here
It all starts here

Here’s to hoping I get a gig that will let me purchase Scrivener already, to help me in organizing my thoughts.

Collective updates:

Tales of the Big Bad Wolf – Chapter 14 where Ed settles a few showbiz-type issues that have surfaced (hehe)
Suzy’s Box – August 3 where Suzy lists things that are no fun to anybody
Creative Wenches: Crack Red Riding Hood now has extras and outtakes


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