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2-month hiatus

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I regret to inform that I will have to declare a long hiatus for Harmonics. This will begin on the Thursday of September 8, and will continue until at least mid-November.

The main reason for the hiatus is I’ll be going into pre-residency. That’s the trial period for a residency, which is hospital-based post-graduate training. In the terms of this story, this heal programmer is trying to get a little more training in better heal programming. The trial period for getting accepted as an apprentice is two months. I’d like to concentrate on the work for that, if I can.

In the non-posting interim I will indeed try my best to fix up what I could of the drafts I do have, as well as fix up two stories with impending deadlines. These will be done by the end of September.

If chapters get completed during the hiatus period, they may be posted, still on Thursday.

In the meantime, please continue to support the Creative Wenches works that are ongoing. You can click on the buttons to your right for updates.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. May He who controls all programs be with you. ^^v

EK 8 )


Author: EK

Crazy writer, bookworm, anime fan, and a few other things.

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