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hello, i missed you all, and new story: Finder

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Pre-residency period is over, but Harmonics wasn’t touched (even for Nanowrimo this year), so I will beg your indulgence if I post Harmonics maybe at the start of the coming year. I’m not too sure about that either. Plenty of things I need to rethink about it.

I’ll TRY to have a few short stories up about the sempai group (Lan and co.) maybe in the coming weeks. I have no fandom to write for except this one and I badly need to write even silly drabbles.

Meanwhile, I do have something new for you to read now.

You may remember that I said something about writing a backstory story for Corespasa, for possible publication. The story was not accepted for the antho I was aiming for, and the nature of the story may also make it a hard sell elsewhere. So I’m posting it here. I hope you like it.

Be warned that the story may be NSFW and does have triggers and dubious consent.

Read the story over here.


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