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harmonics 33 (final) and happy new year

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It is with some sadness and much relief that I present the final chapter to Harmonics, the second long story to the Activated series.

Before I ramble, let me assure that this is not the last you will hear of these 5 kids, as it is obvious by now that it’s not the last you’ve heard of the original 4 characters. Short stories about them will intermittently appear, when they happen.

The end of all this chaos is here

It all started here.

Now I ramble, which you are free to ignore.

Writing is partly a way of clearing demons in my head. Activated is a Nanowrimo project, which is a long form of me clearing dark thoughts (which are rather obvious if you’d read the whole thing and have been annoyed by Melancho of northeast).

When Harmonics was started it was supposed to be rather straightforward story about a tomboy and how she gets to be apprentice in spite of herself. But a different sort of dark thoughts began to emerge. I am aware that these aren’t dark to most people, but to me, and my world, they are taboo and dark subjects. These are subjects that I have forced down for so long. The course of making Harmonics made these thoughts emerge with such force they were impossible to ignore. It got me into a search into re-thinking everything I had known and been taught about gender identity, and what precious little that really was. It got me expressing, partly badly, a kind of literature and comics I had never dared to read, much less write. Some of the hiatuses that happened during the writing was not because of work (though when I said them, that was true); they were because I was sorting out what was going on in my head, why such scenes and such thoughts felt -right- for this story, even if they were dark, sometimes erotic, sometimes violent.

I understand that there is still plenty I need to learn. Clearly many of these newbie mistakes about gender identity, bullying issues, and rape culture appeared in these chapters. If anyone is offended, I apologize now and will say that offense was never the intent, never.

I am a better person for having read everything I read over the last two years, trying to make sense of my head and my person, while trying to make sense of this story. I am a better person for trying to understand Rowan, Eloise, Sereno, and Johann.

I am grateful for your patience with me while I made this story, and reading for all its faults and weakness.

For next year I may already be working on NMT, which is a weird take on our local stuff. But for now, since work will be expected to be crazy this coming year, I can make no promises.

I thank the Creative Wenches for all their support, and I sincerely apologize for not being able to reciprocate. I promise to slowly go through the stories. I am definitely invested in them, and will catch up to all of it.

Happy New Year, and I will see you when I see you, with some more crazy stories about these nine characters.


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