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covers for Komikon release!

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The awesome Mel Casipit is done inking, so here are the covers for part 1 of Activated and There are No Programs. They are simple, but they are awesome.

activated_cover noprograms_cover

As you can see Mel’s takes are a nice melding of K’s original drawings and the DreamSelf versions. This is definitely true about Soji and Marceau’s drawings, which I’ll show eventually. The covers are just me trying my best to layout.

I do hope you like it enough to get a copy at Summer Komikon on April 13! (I’ll think about what I’ll do for international readers. I’m open to suggestions. ^^v)

Oh, and Mel does take art and caricature commissions (for birthdays and weddings and such), check out his blog for some samples!


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One thought on “covers for Komikon release!

  1. Awesome – I like the covers. I hoep the convention goes well 🙂

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