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Hello, and happy new year.

These are a series of tumblr posts, initially made to fill a holiday prompt from a friend. For better or worse it spiralled into this thing, partly because for the longest time this friend has been a fan of a…well, initially non-canon setup. Now I’m making it semi-canon.

This is somewhat a direct offshoot of the ‘Pure Crack’ drabble from two years back. Reading the first long story (Activated) is somewhat needed.

Proceed under the cut.


Start – Part 2

“Why am I both not offended and not surprised at this?” Lan asked himself aloud.

For he was looking, with a tilted head, at his best friend with her other best friend, both under a thick blanket and just waking up. Lan stood at the foot of the bed with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

“Oh, hey, good morning.” Beika emerged with salt-and-pepper hair sticking out in all directions. “Soji’s place has no heating, so he stayed the night.”

“That is a horrible attempt at a lie,” Lan said, chuckling.

“Ah, well.” Beika laughed. “You’re so smart.”

“I am talking to a heal programmer in an internal surgery scholarship, who thinks she is not smart.”

“Plenty things you don’t know about heal programmers,” Beika said.

“Just sleep, just sleep,” the Selati said in turn, rubbing at his tousled head.

“You’re also a bad liar, Soji.”

“Really!” both Beika and Soji said from inside the bed.

“Fine, whatever.” Lan shrugged and headed to the kitchen for coffee.


“Selati. Practice on your girlfriend,” Lan frowned and declared. “Or practice on your best friend.”

For once again he found himself having to listen to Soji rehearse lines he wanted to say to Marceau. There was even a time the redhead was recipient of practice kissing.

“Beika laughs and laughs,” Soji said. He now spoke with some fluency, but still haltingly. “No practice happens.”

Lan raised another eyebrow as Soji landed a kiss to his neck and cheek. “Or would you rather care to admit that you prefer me, instead?”

Soji stopped and stared at him.

“Look, icebox. Your girlfriend is a firebrand, a green hag. A jealous hag with the power of the capital elite. If you are serious about her, be serious about her, and no other. For she can kill you if you raise her wrath.”

Soji kept staring. “You can talk so much?”

“Are you even listening!”


“So stop sending mixed signals and just go kiss her, if it’s her you want!”

“But….but…Marceau is scary!”



Thus Soji then proceeded to push Lan onto the bed….


….and pepper the poor redhead with kisses….

“I am not your practice doll!”

….and to stop the protests by locking a mouth over his.


Lan woke, lifting from a completely relaxed state, as well as feeling hungover. He was sure he had not drunk anything alcoholic recently. Quite frankly he hated the stuff, for his brain tended to spiral downward and weave worse things when he had them.

He looked beside him and found Soji snoring while bare-chested, and deduced the rest.

He rolled the Selati and pushed him overboard, onto the floor.


He marched to the kitchen, and returned to aim the onion knife at the Selati’s neck.

“What, by all The One controls, happened, Soji!”

“But you were giving back, so you know?”

“Remind me. Now.”

He was confused and irritated, and completely forgot that it was in this particular Selati’s skill set to grab his wrist, flick away the onion knife, and turn him over such that the Selati was on top of him, with a hand in a chokehold over his neck.

His breathing repelled at the hand. “This, isn’t, really, necessary. Just, explain.”

“I can demonstrate again?”

“Thanks, but…(cough)…You have, work….(cough)…and so, do I.”

Soji finally withdrew the hand, allowing Lan to gasp for air.

“But….but…you liked it?”

When Soji came on top of him, he recalled flickers of seeing the sandy hair above him, intermittently feeling the salt in his tongue, and a high heady sensation while being stroked in places he did not expect. He recalled sensations of cold arms and torso thawed by a heating of his own skin. He recalled his mind going blank, while still replying with his body whatever it was the icebox was doing. He never knew when the blankness of his mind began and when the dreamless relaxed sleep started.

“I….don’t know what to tell you. Maybe one thing.”


“Are you sure you love her?”


Lan scratched his head while he grabbed a blanket to wrap around himself. “I no longer think that was practice.”

He needed a cup of strong and bitter black. Maybe two.

Start – Part 2


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