tales of the activated


Everything in the world is controlled by program codes. Lifecodes maintain the body functions of each person. Timelines record the events that occur to each person and to groups of people. Other program codes control elements in nature.

Among the population there are individuals adept in manipulating the program codes around them, designated as programmers. This skill is inherent in these individuals, then enhanced through training.  For instance, heal programmers focus on the management of lifecodes, and the changes that occur creating illness, disease, and injury.

Futuretell and trance programmers specialize in mental lifecodes, with abilities to manipulate these lifecodes as needed. They are able to observe timelines. Depending on the skill and experience, they are able to read what is in the immediate future of a person by reading what is predicted to happen next in the person’s timelines. In Pendi they also act as trance programmers, as timelines are often interrelated to mental lifecodes, and often affect each other.

Ice programmers focus on manipulating programs within nature that control water to form ice. Fire programmers focus on similar programs controlling elements creating fire. Because of the properties in the regions, Pendi had a majority in fire programmers, specialists in activating fire-related program codes, as Selatan has ice programmers.

Pendi and Selatan were once one large country, Bersa. Two factions formed among the scholars, programmers, government officials, and common citizens. Those who supported a religious approach to the study of the programs became known as followers of Selatan, and those who maintained that intellectual approach to the study as the followers of Pendi.

As more generations passed, the arguments became efforts to gain control of government, became efforts to overthrow the current Bersa government. Overthrow efforts escalated into civil wars, the government against the common people, intellectuals against other intellectuals. Loss of life was common on both sides of the conflict.

Bersa separated according to the names of the factions. The capital remained with Pendi, as it was the Pendi faction that maintained control over the government offices and education offices. The Selatan faction moved south, past the river cutting through the region, and established its own capital.

So it was that the Pendika who found themselves in a cave with a Selati were children of children of children of parents who inherited a cold war. A cold war that often erupted into a real civil war, when either country changed its king or its political ideals. It was a concern greater than any of them, and hovered over them.

Even as their days were filled with the appearance of peace, already Beika had experience in an actual battle between the two countries. So had Melancho. They were together then.


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