tales of the activated


These are created from Dreamself.me, the avatar generator for TinierMe. (All pictures are clickable to show larger versions.)


Melancho (Lan) of northeast
Fire programmer
Quiet and sullen
Pendika (citizen of Pendi)
Beika of northwest
Heal programmer
Perky and happy
Marceau of the capital
Futuretell programmer
Authoritative and independent
Soji of the meridian
Ice programmer
Cheerful and friendly
Selati (citizen of Selatan)


Rowan (Ro) of southeast
Fire program trainee (second year basic)
Impulsive but helpful

Sereno (Ren) of northwest
Electric program trainee (1st year basic)
Differently-abled and insecure

Rachel (Chie) of southwest
Scholar trainee (non-programmer) (1st year basic)
Quiet and studious
Selati in Pendi

Johann (Jo) of southeast
Music program trainee (1st year basic)
Lover not a fighter

Eloise (Ely) of the capital
Metal program trainee (2nd year basic)
Domineering and feared

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