tales of the activated

chapter 15

chapter 14chapter 16

– NSFW; possible triggers; non-consent –


Johann saw Rowan’s eyelids open, her eyes rolled up so they only saw white. She grew limp. She breathed gently.

Eloise spoke. “Keep sleeping, Rowan.”

The redhaired sleeper’s eyelids shut. She stopped snoring.

“See, Johann? I won’t hurt her.” Eloise looked at Johann with her dangerous smile.

“You…you promise?” Johann asked again.

“I won’t hurt her. But I will have her.”

She turned her back on Johann, and faced Rowan. The eyelids fluttered open, as the pupils rolled up into them, revealing the whites in her eyes.

“You will let me have my way with you tonight, Rowan of southeast, and you will not refuse,” she declared.

“Yes…” the redhead droned. Her breaths became slow and deep.

Eloise raised the metal charm on her right wrist. “Encode for short dagger, activate.” The metal programs converted and lengthened the charm, added a sharp point.

She smiled and sneered, as she mounted over the redhead. She lifted the hem of Rowan’s sweater, then cleaved it through the middle with the dagger. She split apart the sweater, revealing the buttoned shirt beneath.

Rowan continued to breathe deeply as in sleep, yet her eyes remained open and rolled up.

Eloise picked at the buttons of the redhead’s shirt with the dagger, starting at the end of the shirt until she reached the collar. She parted the opened shirt. She split the support over the redhead’s breasts. She peeled away the layers of clothing as she fondled the small breasts she found.

“Tsk, tsk, Rowan. Why do you hide such a body under frumpy clothes?” she asked the sleeping body, as she began to loosen the trousers and underwear with the dagger’s blade. “Such a waste, you know?”

Johann slowly stepped farther and farther away, until his back hit the bedroom door. “E…Eloise…wh…what are you doing?” he managed to mutter.

“Having my way with her, what else?” Eloise replied without looking at him. “Are you going to stop me?”

It shamed him that he could not open his mouth. It shamed him that he stood there speechless and silent, watching her girlfriend undress his childhood friend. But he could not open his mouth.

Eloise gripped at the red-brown hair and pulled back the head, forcing the mouth open. She bent over and kissed the open mouth, thrusting her tongue inside it. She lay over the breasts and the torso as she kissed the cheeks and neck. “You are quite tasty, for a tomboy.” She licked at the breastbone. “Kiss me back, Rowan.”

The redhead’s glassy eyes came down and looked at Eloise. The body lifted and reached over for Eloise, and locked lips with her.

“Good, good, Rowan of southeast, very good,” Eloise ran her hands through the auburn hair. “Let me have my way with you.”

“Yes…” the redhead droned again. The clothes were now shredded into pieces. The body was naked now. It breathed deeply.

“You will feel all that I do. You will please me, as I please you.”


Eloise smoothed a hand straight down the redhead’s abdomen, until she reached the place between the legs. She placed her fingers in and pressed. The redhead let out a mild groan.

Eloise continued to press, to caress, to rub, the place between the naked young woman’s legs. Johann watched with horror, interest, and shamed pleasure as the tranced body lifted its hips, arched its back, panted, gasped, groaned, grew wet with Eloise’s fingers, filled with sweat, fell back heavily onto the bed and caught its breath.

The shamed pleasure increased into horror as Eloise did not stop with that one time, but kept on with it, licking at the space between the body’s legs, rubbing even more, until the space was raw and tender and the bed was sticky with spillage. Nail scratches filled her body. Saliva was all over her. Yet the body continued to groan with pleasure, even as the pain increased. Not because it was pleased, but it was tranced to respond with pleasure.

Rowan had to let Eloise have her way. He caused it to be so.

He watched, silent and stunned, as Eloise undressed until she too was fully naked. “Come, Rowan. You promised to please me,” she said.

Under her instructions, the redhead, sore and sticky, rose from the bed. Under the trance, the redhead kissed Eloise at the lips, caressed and kissed her breasts, kissed her abdomen, kissed then rubbed and pressed at the space where her legs parted.

The movements were clumsy, thus hurtful. But the more she was hurt, the more pleasure she seemed to obtain.

Still, he stood and watched, unable to leave, unable to stop it, unable to speak.

The body fell back on the bed heavily, rolling and spreading out over the bed. Eloise was finally done, and rested over the body, which resumed breathing shallowly and regularly. The body remained naked and vulnerable, two words that never described the person.

“Yes, Rowan,” Eloise said as she caught her breath. “You are finally mine.”

Johann stood, stunned and shaking and pale. He closed his eyes and gripped a hand over his chest.

He did nothing.


Chie arrived running to the coffee shop that next morning.

“Where’s Rowan! Please, where is she!”

“We don’t know, why?” Ren said.


She thrust out flyers all printed out in cheap, rough paper. It had a picture of a redhaired young woman, on a strange bed with her arms tied behind her.

It said in bold letters: We have your champion.


chapter 14chapter 16

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