tales of the activated

chapter 31

chapter 30chapter 32

Middle section is NSFW.

Johann woke up from a heavy doze of only a few hours. He had talked to many people during the evening, getting things ready on his part of the work. It had been exhausting, but enjoyable. He had talked to friends and made new ones in those hours. They all talked music with him, his favorite language. And he had done it all without resorting to trancing. Now he had to get ready for the most important music programming he had to do in a long while.

He was still shirtless when the door opened. Sereno of northwest entered, his crutches beating an even rhythm as he crossed the room. Johann saw two guards stop at his door.

“Hey, you,” Ren greeted. “Can you knock me out?”

“What?” Johann said.

“Just for a few hours.” Ren slumped onto the couch. “I’ve done everything I know to do. I’m so tired. But I can’t sleep. I did too many things in only a few days, to too many people.”

Johann shrugged. “You’ve been thinking too much, that’s all.” He turned his back on the silver-haired boy, and tied his hair.

“I suppose. Come on, pipe-player. Two hours. I’ll do anything you want. I know you’ve wanted to do a few things.”

Johann suddenly turned to face the boy.

“I’m lame. I’m not blind.” Ren smirked. “You’ve been staring at me. Like Soji stares at that green hag.”

“But….you already like Chie…” Johann stammered.

“I’m giving you just this one time. Just please, do that thing you do and let me sleep.”

Johann nodded. “Alright.” He reached out for his oboe.

Ren nodded as well, and settled back. “I wish you’d tell me what you see in me,” he said with a sigh. “I’m a nobody.”

“I don’t think so. Chie doesn’t think so. See you later.”

Johann placed his oboe to his lips. He played the short trance program. The boy’s eyes grew glassy.

“Encode: Deep Sleep, as requested. Time limit: two hours. Activate.”

Ren’s eyes closed, and his whole body grew slack. He snored gently.

Johann closed the trance program and lowered the oboe. “Don’t worry. I’ll let you sleep in peace. You do need the rest. For the good of Pendi. I’ve no right to be selfish right now.”

Johann sighed, as he approached the boy and stroked his silvery hair. “You were asking. I see a very handsome young man, who will never be mine. As I once had a very beautiful young lady, who will never be mine.” He placed his hand between the boy’s legs, but only for a moment.

Johann opened his trousers. He slumped down onto the wall facing the couch, facing the boy. “You know, Sereno? I don’t think I saw the crutches, really. You’re the one who sees it too much.”

Keeping his eyes on Sereno, he placed his hands on his penis. He recalled how the boy positioned his hands when he fucked himself, and placed it like so. He remembered how Ren’s hand milked across the shaft, and he did it like so. He stroked up and down, imagining that it was the silver-haired boy stroking. His shaft began to stiffen. He kept his eyes on the boy. In his mind the boy was above him, smirking and enjoying the pleasure he was delivering over a musician who could not hold it back.

It was when his eyes began to roll upward in pleasure when Johann suddenly saw a waterfall of curly platinum tresses over him.

“You are pathetic,” Eloise said, softly.

“I know,” he said.

He had forgotten to lock the door.

“You could have let him do it himself,” she said.

“I know,” he said.

“Instead here you are feeling sorry for yourself.”

“I know. I know.” He sighed.

Eloise, though, gently kissed him. She placed a hand on his shaft. She kissed it as well, making it stiffen again. She made it stiffen even more, as she continued to caress the shaft and to kiss the tip.

His mind grew confused, as his eyes darted from the young man on the couch, the one he wanted now, to Eloise, the one he had wanted for a long time. He had wanted to love her for months. All she let him do was kiss her. Now that she was doing him…he no longer wanted her. And yet the sensation was building in him. Instinctively he sweated as he hardened. It was not fair. He was feeling ectastic, incredible….when he no longer wanted to feel that way about her. He found himself gasping, catching his breath…drowning in miserable pleasure. He shuddered as he released, as she tasted it and swallowed it. He felt wonderful. He felt awful.

It was the first and only time in their unusual relationship.

He sighed at his now-soiled trousers. He needed another pair.

“I wish I had known this about you earlier,” she said. She kissed him on the cheek.

“I wish I had known THAT about you earlier,” Johann said with a sad smile.

“It is too late now. For both of us.”

“Yeah,” Johann said.

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too.”

“But, Johann? I did like you.”

“You just needed me.”

Eloise shook her head. “I did like you.”

She gave him a final kiss, and left the room, with Johann on the floor in his soiled trousers, and Sereno on the couch unaware of it.

chapter 30chapter 32

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