tales of the activated

character sketch: beika

Daddy came in through the door and immediately slunk into his favorite armchair, large with soft stuffing. He raised his feet onto the table. He closed his eyes and sighed.

Beika ran in and jumped onto his lap. “Daddy! Daddy!”

“Yes, my dear,” he sighed and held her at the waist.

“Daddy! I’m gonna be a healer too!”

“Yes, dear,” he said, tiredly and flatly. “And how do you know this?”

“The bird fell at the back yard. He had a broken leg. I placed a hand on it. And you know what happened? The programs ran through me! The bird got better! It flew away! I’m gonna be a healer, daddy! Just like you!”

Daddy dutifully bounced Beika on his knees. “But dearest…”

“Yes, Daddy?”

“Being a healer will take a WHOLE lot of study, and a whole lot of practice.”

“I can do that!”

“You will also see….many people die before you, even if you do your best healing.”

“It’s okay, Daddy!”

He patted her head. “No, my dear. When you really see it.”

“It’ll be okay, Daddy! Really!”

Beika heard her Daddy sniffle. “Ask me again, some other time.”


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