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Activated on Buqo!

Um, yes. Activated is also, finally, on Buqo, one of the best places to get ebooks in the country. Its ebook reader is also smartphone-friendly, if that helps you. Buqo accepts non-credit card and mobile phone-based payment systems. Click here!

I may also have a new thing Activated-related up soon-ish, hopefully. ^^v

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Activated has ebook versions!

Please look to the right sidebar! I am happy to announce that Activated now has an ebook version in Amazon and Smashwords.

Eventually “There are No Programs” and “In Dreams” will also be available in these forms. Harmonics, though, will be reworked first into a final version for ebook release.

I do hope the ebook format will be useful to a lot of people, especially those who tend to have some trouble with online reading.

Thanks, and please tell your friends. ^^v

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under the covers 1

Hello, and happy new year.

These are a series of tumblr posts, initially made to fill a holiday prompt from a friend. For better or worse it spiralled into this thing, partly because for the longest time this friend has been a fan of a…well, initially non-canon setup. Now I’m making it semi-canon.

This is somewhat a direct offshoot of the ‘Pure Crack’ drabble from two years back. Reading the first long story (Activated) is somewhat needed.

Proceed under the cut.

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