tales of the activated

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May the One who controls all programs favor this meeting.

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The Activated series is now two stories:
— Activated (complete) Table of Contents
— Harmonics (complete) Table of Contents

To your right and below you will find updates and such.

Both stories are open for comic interpretation, if anyone is so inclined. Please leave a comment (with details) if interested.

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Harmonics is up! Print-on-demand option!

Hello, long time. Also I should have done this a while back.

Harmonics has been edited and revised, and now released as ebook on Amazon, Smashwords, and Gumroad. The cover is also by JV the Erudite Artist with much thanks.

Please be aware that some of the edits to Harmonics are extensive, such that there are some events that have been reworked, and there are events that are new to this book version, that are not in the original online version. Rowan is still awesome, though, and Soji is still around, of course. So I do hope you find this new version and like.

Also: both Activated and Harmonics are now available for print-on-demand. Internationally just click on the link for each book on Amazon. Locally they are available through Materica here and here.

Again, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay. ๐Ÿ™‚