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drabble: pure crack

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Because it is, and since I have the Christmas Eve free it got written. I had feared that K would ask this (again) as the holiday drabble prompt, but she didn’t. Nonetheless, for better or worse here it is. Without getting anybody drunk or tranced.

NSFW, only because it is weird.


“You taste of vanilla,” he said, matter-of-factly. His hands still held the Selati’s face. He licked his lips to savor it a bit more.

“You, I taste coffee. Plain. No sugar.” The Selati smiled. “Bitter. But strong. Not bad.”

“But, how was it?” Lan asked, with much doubt. He still nervously held on to the Selati’s cheeks, as they sat on the bed.

“Too short,” Soji replied. “Not enough…hmmm…what is word?”


“Romance,” Soji repeated. “More…um…love needed.”

“More love, huh,” Lan said. “Shall we do it again?”

“Is good,” the Selati agreed. “Also, more tongue. Also, not too stiff.”

Lan nodded dutifully.

The redhaired programmer cupped the Selati’s face again, as he came up to his lips. Lan tilted his head as he closed his eyes. Then he placed his lips together with Soji’s, savoring the vanilla in the lips and the sweet saltiness in the tongue, as gently and as lovingly as possible. He had no idea how to add the romance, though, but tried his best as he tasted the lips again and again, loving how sweet it was to him, reciprocating as the Selati seemed to savor the coffee in his own mouth.

He could not help it, so he lowered Soji back onto to the bed, still kissing again and again. He towered over the Selati as his tongue touched Soji’s, his hands grabbing onto the bedsheets to keep his body above the sandhaired Selati. The Selati’s hands were around his back, keeping his face in place as they kissed.

From the sounds the Selati made, purring and hmmm-ing, he probably did it right this time.

They suddenly heard a terrible screech.

“What in the name of all the One controls is going on?!” cried one with green curly hair, mouth agape and lips pale.

They looked down at their hands and at their position. Both immediately took off the hands and moved away from each other, both sitting up on each edge of the bed.

“I…I…I…Marceau…it…it…not…is….what…looks…” the Selati stammered.

“Look, I am an intellectual, a well-educated, objective programmer with sound training,” Marceau rapidly said as she breathed hard. “I am aware that such relationships exist in Pendi, and they are tolerated…”

“Marceau! I…I…listen!” Soji stood up and ran up to her.

She pushed him away. “What is there to listen to, Selati! I…I won’t object to your personal decisions regarding relationships…”

Lan sighed and slapped his forehead hard. “I told you it was a bad idea, Soji…”

But neither the Selati nor the futuretell were listening.

“Look, I still like you, even if you were ever…if you were ever…you know…” Marceau said.

“Marceau!” Soji shook her by the shoulders. “I…no like…Master Lan!”

“What?!” Lan glared at him as well.

“I…I mean…oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! I say wrong! Oh dear!” Soji shook his head furiously.

“Green hag. Relax, will you,” Lan said. “This is my fault. And he’s still your boyfriend.”

“Whoever said anyone is anyone’s boyfriend?!” the green had screeched.

“Marceau. Calm. Down.” Lan finally said. “I asked for kissing practice.” He said this as his cheeks turned the color of his hair.

“Kissing practice!” Marceau screeched. “To kiss who?!”

Lan turned even redder.

“Why didn’t you kiss a girl if you wanted to practice for Beika?!” Marceau screamed.

“You think any girl would agree to practice?” Lan mumbled.

“So you practice on Soji?!”

Lan hung his head. Soji shrugged and grinned guiltily.

Marceau threw up her hands. “Why do I mingle with crazy individuals like you!” She slammed the door behind her. “Just crazy!” they heard her voice through the hall.

The redhead and the Selati looked at the door, then looked at each other. Lan sighed. Soji shrugged.

“Well?” Lan asked.

“Is good,” Soji said with a smile. “Is too much for first time. But good for later. More practice?”

“What? You want more?”

“You kiss good,” Soji said, with a laugh. “And taste good!”

“You’re crazy,” Lan said, before he swooped in again.


Author: EK

Crazy writer, bookworm, anime fan, and a few other things.

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