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harmonics 1 and several other things

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1. Harmonics starts today. As you will notice in the first chapter, several months up to a year have passed since the events in the first story. Two new characters already make an appearance here, and one other is explained. I hope you continue to like.

Start over here!

2. As part of my thanks for having gone through the whole Activated story, I am making more available this FST (fan soundtrack, like a themed mixtape) made a while back based on it. All the songs are in English, but there is one by a local artist and a few are from musicals.

Download over here!
FST details over here.

3. Unlike Activated, Harmonics is still not completely settled as a story as releasing starts (Yeah, I’m that kind of crazy writer). For me to ensure that you will have something to coherently read for months to come, I signed up to be forced to write every day for 6 weeks starting June 26 until August 6. My taskmaster: the Clarion UCSD Write-a-Thon.

My profile page for Clarion Write-a-thon is over here.

Please donate to Clarion UCSD by clicking on the e-donating systems given. Any value will be helpful.


Collective updates:

A Square Paradise (the collective’s group project) – Intro and Enter Al
Tales of the Big Bad Wolf – Chapter 11 part C where Giles and Max talk about family and possible family inclusions
Suzy’s Box – July 26 where Suzy finally wins the enemy over


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