tales of the activated

harmonics 26

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This chapter is brought to you by a nameless low-pressure area that has ravaged my capital with insane flooding. It kept me stuck at home unable to go to work to a flooded hospital. I figured I better fix this, in between the Dogs:Bullets and Carnage marathon I’m doing.

Please be advised that because of one scene this chapter is NSFW. That said, it’s over here.

It all starts right here.

But seriously. Our national capital region is all flooded everywhere, and too many people are displaced or stuck in places without adequate food. This is between the effects of Typhoon Soala (which right now is giving China a hard time), and the current effects of Typhoon Haikui pulling in too much rain into our capital. If you can take time to donate via Paypal to our national Red Cross, that will help a lot in relief efforts going on. Thank you so much.

It is uncertain at this point if I’ll be able to post next week. We’ll see.


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